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Old Tint Removal

Select Technologies can remove your old window tint.

We have the chemicals and the experience to safely remove your old film. If you are looking to tint a vehicle that has existing window tint, the complete and proper removal of the old tint is critical. Any remaining glue or film will result in a poor tint job with many imperfections. Most film has multiple layers and will separate during the removal process. After the film separates it will become difficult to keep the film in one piece and it will often tear and flake into small pieces, and the glue or adhesive will remain on the window. Rear windows with defroster lines and radio antennas can also present challenges. Improper removal can result in the lines being cut or broken, causing your defroster or radio reception to no longer work. Having the proper tools, chemicals, and know how will prevent damage occurring to your windows. Select Tech can do the job right and keep your vehicle problem free.